Baby Girl Names In Tamil With Meaning (1000+ Names)

1000+ Baby Girl Names In Tamil

Hey there, I want to congratulate you first for having such a great gift in your life. Daughters are the most precious gifts one can receive from god and you are one of those lucky couples.

So, have joy in yourselves and capture every little moment with your little princess. Now, moving on to our main topic. We present you 1000+ Baby Girl Names In Tamil to choose from.

We have a combined name list as well as separate lists of names starting from particular letters. I hope you find the best names here. Let’s start our list.

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List of 1000+ Baby Girl Names In Tamil (A to Z)

Let’s start our list of 1000+ Baby Girl Names In Tamil.

S. No.Name in EnglishName in TamilName MeaningNumerology
2Aadarsha Lakshmiஆதர்ஷலட்சுமிAn Ideal Woman, Wealth1
3Aadarshiniஆதர்ஷினிIdealistic, She Is The Best6
4Aadharshaஆதர்ஷாIdeal, Ambitious5
5AadhaviஆதவிMeans “Earth” In Sanskrit, It Also Represents The Sun1
6Aadhilakshmiஆதிலட்சுமிOne Of The Ashtalakshmi, Beginning In Lakshmi, Goddess Sri Lakshmi Devi, Lakshmi Who Gives Life And Health4
7AadhiniஆதினிBeginning, First9
8Aadhyaஆத்யாFeature Of Durga, The First Power4
9Aadrikaஆத்ரிகாMountain, An Apsara Or Celestial3
11Aaradhyaஆரத்யாWorshipped, Like A God, Devotee, Celebrity Name: Aishwarya Rai7
12AaraviஆரவிPeace, The State Of Tranquility And Harmony8
13AariniஆரிணிAdventurer, Fearless2
14Aarthiஆர்த்திWorship, Divine Fire In Ritual, Gift For God5
15Aarudhraஆருத்ராLord Shiva, Thiruvathirai Star, Wet, Gentle4
16AashiஆஷிHappiness, Smile2
17AashikaஆஷிகாLovable, A Person Without Sorrows, Sweet Heart, Mercury5
18Aashviஆஷ்விBlessed And Victorious, Goddess Saraswati, A Little Mare8
19Aasmithaஆஸ்மிதாPride, Self-Respect2
20AathiraiஆதிரைRed Star, Thiruvathirai Star, The Sixth Star7
21Aathmikaஆத்மிகாRelated To The Aathma Or Soul1
22Aathvikaஆத்விகாUnique, Matchless, Denote Goddess Sowdeswari3
23AbhiஅபிFearless, Better Than Best, Brave9
24AbhijitaஅபிஜிதாVictorious Woman, Conqueror7
25Abhimanyuஅபிமன்யுMahabharata Epic Hero, Son Of Arjuna, Warrior, Self-Respect, Passionate8
26AbhiramiஅபிராமிGoddess Parvati Devi, Fearless8
28AbidhaஅபிதாCompassion, Fearless5
29AbinayaஅபிநயாEmotional Expression, Acting3
30Achalaஅச்சலாBhooma Devi, Mountain5
31Agamyaஅகம்யாShe Is Knowledgeable, Wisdom2
32AganaஅகானாFearless, Luminous2
33Aishwaryaஐஸ்வர்யாWealth, Prosperous3
34Akalyaஅகல்யாWish, Bright, Traditional Portable Mud Lamp9
35Akhilnilaஅகில்நிலாAromatic And Cool, Akhil – Fragrance Of Cactus, Nila – Moon,4
36AkilaஅகிலாThe World, Intelligent, Complete8
37Akilanஅகிலன்Intelligent, World, Ruler Of The World4
38Aksharaஅக்‌ஷராLetters, Goddess Saraswati, Imperishable6
39Akshayaஅக்சயாMore Beautiful5
40Alaimagalஅலைமகள்Goddess Mahalakshmi, Goddess Of Wealth, Daughter Of The Ocean, Consort Of Lord Sri Vishnu9
41Alliஅல்லிFlower That Blooms At Night8
42AlohaஅலோஹாLuminous Girl8
43Ambikaஅம்பிகாGoddess Parvati, Mother Of The Universe, The Name Ambika Is A Derivative Name From Durga Ma2
44Ambujaஅம்புஜாBorn From Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi, Wealth6
46Amirthakalaஅமிர்தகலாDelightful Art, Elixir, Art7
47AmodhiniஆமோதினிFragrance, Pleasurable, Happy Girl1
48Amrapaliஅம்ரபாலிCourtesan Who Became A Devote Of Buddha3
49Amrithaஅம்ரிதாImmortality, Precious, Nectar9
50AmudhiniஅமுதினிImmortality, Sweet, Precious Food9
51Anandhiஆனந்திAlways Happy, Joyful4
52AnasuyaஅனசுயாOne Who Has No Evil Intentions.9
53Anbarasiஅன்பரசிQueen Of Love, She Is The Best In Love7
54Angayarkanniஅங்கயர்கண்ணிShe Has Fish-Like Eyes, Unmarried Girl, Virgin Girl1
55AnikaஅனிகாAnother Name Of Goddess Parvati, Grace, Brilliance, Pretty Face1
56Anirudhஅனிருத்Grandson Of Sri Krishna, Boundless, Unstoppable6
57Anishkaஅனிஷ்காOne Who Has Only Friends, Who Has No Enemies9
58Anjaliஅஞ்சலிTribute, Divine Offering3
59Anjanaஅஞ்சனாName Of Hanuman’s Mother, Lover Of Family.5
60Anjaniஅஞ்சனிHanuman’s Mother’s Name5
61Anjuஅஞ்சுOne Who Lives In Heart4
62Anju Sriஅஞ்சு ஸ்ரீDear To One’s Heart1
63Annakkiliஅன்னக்கிளிBird, Old And Popular Girl Name3
64Annapoornaஅன்னபூர்ணாIncarnation Of Goddess Parvati, Goddess Of Food, A Mountain In Nepal6
65AnujaஅனுஜாYounger Sister, Continuous5
66AnupamaஅனுபமாIncomparable, Excellent, Unique Or Beautiful8
67AnuradhaஅனுராதாBright Star, 17th Star In Astrology (Anusham), Indian Playback Singer, Satisfied With The Worship Of God7
68AnushaஅனுஷாBeautiful Morning, Dawn, Auspicious Morning, 17th Star8
69Anushkaஅனுஷ்காMercy, The Grace Of God, Favour, A Term Of Endearment5
70Aparnaஅபர்ணாGoddess Parvati, Leafless, One Without Prana5
72AradhanaஆராதனாWorship, Worship Of God, Prayer2
73Aralvai Azhagiஆரல்வாய் அழகிBeautiful Goddess Meenakshi In Aralvai6
74Archanaஅர்ச்சனாWorship, Prayer, Dedication, Worshiping To God9
75Arpanaஅர்ப்பனாOffering, Devotional Offering, Dedication To God, Surrendered9
76Arshithaஅர்ஷிதாBlessed, Heavenly, Divine4
77ArunaஅருணாDawn, Dawn Light Or Rising Sun, Brilliant6
78AshikaஆஷிகாBeloved, One Without Sorrow, Mercury, Infinite4
79Asmithaஅஸ்மிதாPride, Self-Respect, Nature5
80Aswathyஅஸ்வதிFirst Star, An Angel, Horse Head7
81Aswiniஅஸ்வினிA Star, Horse Head, Wealthy8
82Atchayaஅட்சயாGrowing Up, Religious, God’s Gift7
83AthidhiஅதிதிInfinite, Important Person3
84AthiraஅதிராPrayer Or Quick Or Lightening5
86Athulyaஅதுல்யாUnparalleled, Unrivalled, Immeasurable, Unique, Something Valuable7
87Avanthikaஅவந்திகாAncient Malwa(A Natural Area), Ujjain(Capital Of Avanti Empire), Infinite8
88Ayushkaஆயுஷ்காLife, Refers To Life1
89Azhagu Thirumagalஅழகுத்திருமகள்She Is As Beautiful As Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi, Thiru (Sri) – Respect, Wealth8
90BabithaபபிதாDaughter, Little Girl, Born In The First Quarter Of An Astrological Day7
91Baijayanthiபைஜெயந்திGarland Of Lord Vishnu, Prize5
92Baleswariபாலேஸ்வரிA Sacred Leaf, Goddess Parvati6
93Bandanaபந்தனாWorship, Prayer, A Brightly Colored Headwrap1
94Barshaபார்ஷாRain, Patience5
95BeenaபீனாA Musical Instrument, Clear Sighted9
96Bhadrikaபத்ரிகாShe Is Lucky, Noble, Beautiful, Worthy9
97BhagavathiபகவதிGoddess Sri Durga Devi, Goddess Sri Lakshmi, Intuitive, Creative,2
98Bhageshwariபாகேஸ்வரிGoddess Of Luck, Famous Raga In Music7
99Bhagyalakshmiபாக்யலட்சுமிGoddess Lakshmi, Goddess Of Wealth And Fortune5
100Bhagyashreeபாக்யஸ்ரீFortunate Or Lucky, Goddess Lakshmi6